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“Regional Information Seminar for newly appointed
OIE Delegates in Africa ”

Regional Animal Health Centre for Southern Africa
Gaborone, Botswana
March 9 - 12, 2010


Topic : The OIE: missions, organization and functioning



Objectives and structure of the OIE and the 4th Strategic Plan

M. Gonzalez

The OIE's 5th strategic plan (2011-2015): major changes

V. Brioudes

OIE expertise, available to Member Countries

G. Brückner

OIE network of Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres (twinning)

P. Bastiaensen

OIE twinning programme a practical example from Botswana (BNVL)

K. Baipoledi

OIE Collaborating Centre for training in integrated livestock and wildlife health and management

J. Coetzer

Regional Animal Health Centres: the FAO's perspective

S. Münstermann

OIE Regional Commission for Africa

W. Olaho-Mukani

Topic : The WTO and the SPS Agreement



General principles

A. Thiermann

What about private standards? (2.4 Mb)

H. Hays

What about animal welfare?

B. J. Mtei

Topic : The OIE Codes and Manuals




Codes , Manuals and associated standards

A. Thiermann

Aquatic animal diseases and biological standards

D. Huchzermeyer

Zoning, compartmentalization and containment zoning

S. Hargreaves

Identification, registration and traceability

K. Sehularo

Applying zoning the example of Botswana for beef exports

L. Modisa

Topic : Rights & obligations of OIE Member Countries & OIE Delegates



Perceptions of OIE Delegates, based on a standard PowerPoint presentation: Botswana, Cameroon, Gabon, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Senegal, Swaziland, Togo



Designation and responsibilities of OIE focal points (in French)

Daniel Bourzat

My life as an OIE Delegate

M. Fall

Notification of animal diseases (general principles) (0.7 Mb)

F. Berlingieri

Notification of animal diseases (case study)

F. Berlingieri

Demonstration of the WAHIS and WAHID on-line interfaces

F. Berlingieri

Topic: The quality of veterinary services




Provisions of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code : the BSE chapter as applied in Botswana (feed-back from participants after the visit to BMC Lobatse)

A. Thiermann

Provisions of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code : the quality of veterinary services, PVS and PVS-based gap analyses

D. Bourzat

Communication with the media: general principles and outcomes of the OIE Seminar on Communication held in Gaborone in September 2009 (0.7 Mb)

P. Bastiaensen

Veterinary education

A. Mweene

Veterinary statutory bodies (1.5 Mb)

H. Kruger

Topic: Strategy



External relations: relations between the OIE and other organisations (regional economic communities, WTO, FAO, WHO, European Commission, USDA, AU-IBAR, GF-TADs, GLEWS, World Bank)

M. Gonzalez
D. Bourzat
F. Berlingieri

Regional activities and strategies of the OIE SRR for North Africa

F. Kechrid

Regional activities and strategies of the OIE SRR for Southern Africa

B. J. Mtei

Regional activities and strategies of the OIE RR for Africa ( Bamako ) in French

A. B. Niang


View of the participants during the opening ceremony

Visit by the French Ambassador to Botswana, H.E. Mrs Geneviève Iancu, chatting to Drs Niang, Thiermann and Gonzalez from the OIE.

Veterinary meat inspector at work during a visit to the Botswana Meat Commission in Lobatse.

Participants during a visit to the Botswana Meat Commission in Lobatse (c) B.J. Mtei (2010)

Dr. Abdoulaye Niang (RR Africa, Bamako) chairing (c) B.J. Mtei (2010).

Delegates in front of the OIE office. Centre : Dr. F. Kechrid, OIE SRR North Africa (c) V. Brioudes (2010).

Participants attending a presentation on wildlife management at the Mokolodi Game Reserve (c) V. Brioudes (2010).

The participants during a field visit to the Botswana Vaccine Institute in Broadhurst (c) B.J. Mtei (2010)

The Delegate from Malawi, Dr. Patrick Chikungwa, receiving his training certificate from the hands of Dr Mara Gonzalez from the OIE Regional Activities Department.

pictures (c) P. Bastiaensen / OIE (2010) unless mentioned otherwise.


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