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“Regional Training Seminar for OIE Focal Points on Wildlife
in Africa and the Middle-East”

Naura Springs Hotel
Arusha, Tanzania
March 16 - 19, 2010


Opening session  
Welcoming address by the OIE Sub-Regional Representative for Southern Africa
Bonaventure Mtei
Opening address by the Representative of the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism (Permanent Secretary)
Ladislaus Komba

Topic : The OIE : missions, organization and functioning
Rights and responsibilities of OIE Delegates and focal points
E. Erlacher-Vindel
International trade : rights and obligations of OIE Member
K. Ben Jebara
OIE Codes and Manuals (1 Mb)
P. Bastiaensen
Transparency : the OIE notification system
K. Ben Jebara

Topic : The OIE : activities linked to wildlife
Terms of Reference for OIE Focal Points on wildlife
and recommended skills

E. Erlacher-Vindel
Update on OIE activities related to Wildlife
Roy Bengis

Topic : Notification for wildlife and diagnostic aspects
The OIE notification System for wildlife : WAHIS wild
K. Ben Jebara
Sampling Strategies (2 Mb)
Anita Michel
Diagnostic protocols and tests (4 Mb)
Anita Michel

Topic : Social, economic and ecological importance of wildlife  
Ecological aspects of Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCA)
Richard Burroughs
Diseases of TFCA in the SADC region (2 Mb)
Roy Bengis
Zoonoses and the OWOH concept
Julius Keyyu
Safe trade in wildlife – certification of farmed wildlife species
Richard Burroughs

Topic : Surveillance in action
Introduction, techniques and strategies (6 Mb)
Scott McBurney
Information gathering and sharing (1.2 Mb)
Neo Mapitse
Disease outbreak interventions in wildlife and livestock
Paul Rossiter
PPR, an emerging disease in wildlife
Paul Rossiter

Topic : Design of wildlife disease surveillance programmes
Introduction : Development and implementation of a surveillance programme (including bioterrorism)
Scott McBurney
& Paul Rossiter

Closing session  
Closing address by the representative of the Ministry of Livestock Development and Fisheries (Permanent Secretary)


Dr Karim Ben Jebara from the OIE Information Department during his lecture on WAHIS and WAHID.

Dr Julius Keyyu from the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) talking on One World One Health.

Welcoming address by Dr. Bonaventure Mtei, OIE Sub-Regional Representative for Southern Africa.

Participants enjoying a game drive in Tarangire National Park.

Drs Abdoulaye Niang (RR Bamako) and Bonaventure Mtei (SRR Gaborone) of the OIE during the welcome reception, hosted by the Government of Tanzania.

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