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“Regional Training Seminar for OIE Focal Points
on Aquatic Animal Diseases in Africa ”

Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre
Swakopmund, Namibia
June 15 - 19, 2010


(all presentations are in English, except where mentioned otherwise)

Topic : The OIE : structure and operation



Objectives and structure of the OIE

F. Kechrid

Rights and responsibilities of OIE Delegates and focal points
A. Petrini
Good governance and the evaluation of Veterinary Services
(OIE-PVS tool / PVS gap analysis) : the AQUA-PVS
P. Bastiaensen
& Gillian Mylrea

Topic : Overview of the production sectors, regional and international stakeholders


Why is aquaculture and aquatic animal health so important?

R. Enriquez

The fisheries and aquaculture sector : Africa
Melba Reantaso
International initiatives : IUU fishing (1.3 Mb)

P-E. Bergh

International stakeholders : FAO
Melba Reantaso
Regional stakeholders : AASA (Southern Africa)
E. Hinrichsen
Regional stakeholders : SARNISSA (Sub-saharan Africa) 1.1 Mb
W. Leschen
Regional stakeholders : NACA (Asia and the Pacific)
S. Kanchanakhan
Regional stakeholders : Rhodes University (training)
Q. Rouhani
Host country : aquatic animal health in Namibia

Bronwen Currie

Topic : Notification by Members to the OIE, WAHIS & WAHID




The OIE list of aquatic diseases, criteria for inclusion

R. Enriquez

Reporting obligations by Members to the OIE
K. Ben Jebara
Competent authorities - veterinary vs fisheries : challenges
Albertina Shilongo
Incorporating Fisheries Departments and aquatic animal producers into national information collection and monitoring of aquatic animal health. Providing incentives for a sustainable system
W. Leschen
Immediate notifications, six-monthly reports, annual reports WAHIS evolution towards WAHIS 2 and regional information systems : the OIE strategy
K. Ben Jebara

Topic : The OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code


The OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code :
what to know and where to look for it ?
(1.6 Mb)

Gillian Mylrea

Animal production food safety (1.6 Mb)
Gillian Mylrea
Safe commodities (1.6 Mb)
Gillian Mylrea
Welfare chapters (1.6 Mb)
Gillian Mylrea
Case study 1 : White Spot Disease - a case study for exotic pathogens
and current significant endemic diseases in Eastern Africa
(2.5 Mb)
M. Le Groumellec
Case study 2 : Fransicella spp : bacterial pathogen
causing mortalities in farmed tilapia
W. Leschen
Case study 3 : Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS)
H. B. Mudenda
Case study 4 : Koi herpes virus
D. Huchzermeyer
Case study 5 : Abalone herpes-like virus
A. Mouton

Topic: Country perspectives : implementation of OIE standards in Africa




Perceptions of OIE Focal Points on compliance with OIE International Standards - challenges :


Cameroon (in French)

M. Abdou
A. Ahmed
P. G. Mbuthia

Mauritania (in French)

M. Ould Abdelkader
J. Rutaisire

Topic: The OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals


The OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals :
what to know and where to look for it ?

R. Enriquez
Diagnostic support provided by the OIE Reference Laboratories
and Collaborating Centres to OIE Member Countries (twinning)
R. Gudding
Aquatic Animal Health Surveillance
R. Enriquez
Fish vaccination – present status and future challenges.
R. Gudding
Future work of the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission
R. Enriquez

Topic: Trade & certification


Trade and the SPS Agreement (WTO)
A. Petrini
Rights and obligations of OIE Member Countries
B. J. Mtei
Devising Import health measures
Gillian Mylrea
Certification of aquatic products
D. Huchzermeyer
Practice of export requirements from Namibia : traceability (1.4 Mb)
Luisa Arthur
Practice of import requirements into the EU
Sigrid Cabot


Working group session.

Dr Somkiat Kanchanakhan of the OIE Reference Laboratory for Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (Bangkok, Thailand).

"Field visit" : oyster farming operation in open waters, in front of Walvisbay (c) Jon Daamen (2010).

Dr Bronwen Currie, OIE focal point for Namibia on animal health issues surrounding marine and aquaculture productions in Namibia.

Dr. Somkiat Kanchanakhan during the farewell dinner organised by the OIE in "Pajero Canyon"

Farewell dinner organised by the OIE in "Pajero Canyon"

Dr Roar Gudding from the OIE Reference Laboratory on Infectious Salmon Anaemia (Oslo, Norway).

Dr. Gillian Mylrea of the OIE International
Trade Department.

pictures (c) P. Bastiaensen / OIE (2010)
unless mentioned otherwise.


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