Regional training workshop on the OIE procedures for endorsement of official control programmes with regard to peste des petits ruminants (PPR) and dog-mediated rabies

Two diseases, namely PPR and rabies, are considered of interest for the OIE Members of the Africa region. In particular, the Global Strategy for the Control and Eradication of PPR (GCES) launched in 2015 has initiated several efforts and raised high expectations towards the control and eradication of PPR and official recognition of PPR free status.

One of the outcomes of the 2015 Global Rabies Conference was the launch of the Global Strategic Plan to end dog-mediated human rabies death by 2030, which is to ensure the development of a coherent set of international standards and guidance to prevent and control rabies across the human and animal health sectors using a “One Health” approach. In 2019, the World Assembly adopted an updated version of Chapter 8.14. ‘Infection with rabies virus’ of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code, which included provisions on OIE endorsed official control programme for dog-mediated rabies, aligning the OIE standards with the global goal of elimination of dog-mediated rabies by 2030. In May 2021, the first two countries were officially recognised as having an OIE endorsed official control programme for dog-mediated rabies.


  • To provide the participants with information on the OIE standards and procedure relevant to the endorsement of official control programmes for PPR and dog-mediated rabies;
  • To raise awareness on the possibility and benefits for Members to have their official control programmes endorsed by the OIE;
  • To support Members’ capacity building in compiling dossiers for the endorsement of official control programmes by the OIE;
  • To provide participants on the types and examples of information required when completing the application dossier;
  • To clarify the Member’s role and responsibilities when preparing and submitting applications;
  • To provide responses and expertise on technical questions related to the control and eradication/elimination of the diseases.

Expected Outcomes

  • Members wishing to apply for the OIE endorsement of their official control programmes have developed the capacity to submit a comprehensive dossier complying with the OIE procedure and standards;
  • Members will make progress along the Global Strategy for the progressive and eradication of PPR[1].

Note that this is an event exclusively targeting selected national OIE Delegates, national Focal Points as well as identified observer and partner organisations. No public registration links will be published here.

Contact : Dr. Patrick Bastiaensen, Programme Officer, OIE, Nairobi, Kenya


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