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This is the Africa-website's electronic library of OIE documents, as well as documents from other sources, relevant to animal health in Africa and the world. It also offers an access to the OIE Publications Department website for purchases of printed copies

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Articles prepared by staff of the OIE regional offices :

Andrea Britton (2018) Driving progress towards canine rabies elimination – a critique of the recent Pan-African Rabies Control Network and WHO joint meeting. (OIE News, September 2018)

Andrea Britton (2018) Namibian rabies project saving lives in Northern Communal Area. (OIE News, September 2018)

Alessandro Ripani & Kaouther Oukaili (2018) Rabies Elimination in Tunisia. (OIE News, September 2018)

Samuel Wakhusama (2018) Rabies Elimination in Kenya. (OIE News, September 2018)

Patrick Bastiaensen, Victoria Wong, David Sherman & Alain Dehove (2017) OIE-supported achievements of the VETGOV Programme (2012–2017) Improving good governance in Veterinary Services delivery in Africa. OIE Bulletin 2017-3, 49 - 57.

Patrick Bastiaensen (2017) House, MD... and DVM . Bulletin OIE 2017-3, 96 - 104.

Patrick Bastiaensen, Jennifer Lasley, Raphael Prenat & Tianna Brand (2017) Veterinary Services in Africa and the accidental or intentional release of biological agents : time for a wake-up call ?. Bulletin OIE 2017-2, 73 - 81.

Patrick Bastiaensen (2017) Harmonising veterinary legislation one region at a time, recent experiences of the OIE in Africa. Bulletin OIE 2017-2, 45 - 48.

Dissertations prepared by trainees / interns with the OIE regional offices :

Chepkwony Maurine Cherotich (University of Nairobi) Laboratory capacity of both human and veterinary national tuberculosis reference laboratories in East Africa to diagnose Mycobacterium bovis (2016)

Emmah Kwoba (University of Nairobi) An assessment of the level of knowledge of, attitude to and compliance with OIE animal welfare standards of working equids in Kenya (2016)

Emmah Kwoba (University of Nairobi) Welfare indicators for the slaughter / killing of farmed crocodiles in Kenya (2016)

Moses Olum (University of Nairobi) Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS): the awareness and preparedness to combat an outbreak in east Africa (2015)

Moses Olum (University of Nairobi) The effects of the devolution on the provision of veterinary services in Kenya (2015)

Eva Musyimi (University of Nairobi) Compliance to OIE animal welfare standards in beef cattle production systems within east Africa (2013)

Eva Musyimi (University of Nairobi) Nairobi Sheep Disease: current level of surveillance, diagnostic capacity and economic impact in east Africa (2013)

Eva Musyimi (University of Nairobi) Honey bee diseases : current status of surveillance, diagnostic capacity and overall animal health constraints faced by bee keepers in east Africa (2013)

The technical disease cards for 33 OIE listed terrestrial diseases
The Collaboration among scientists from OIE Reference Laboratories around the world and other relevant experts has led to an updated compilation of 33 technical disease cards, including 32 OIE-listed (terrestrial) priority diseases such as foot and mouth disease, highly pathogenic avian influenza, rift valley fever and bluetongue. The update was possible thanks to a much appreciated support from USDA-APHIS (USA). The cards, which are currently only available in English, are mainly directed to a specialised scientific audience and as such represent OIE’s constant effort for scientific excellence. In the coming months the OIE intends to publish an illustrated “Atlas of Transboundary Animal Diseases” which will be based on the work already finalised and will be completed with a major addition of technical disease specific pictures download the cards here

The OIE Publications Department (Paris) :
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Bulletins of OIE affiliated institutions and programmes :

Bulletin EPIVET (PACE Mali)
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Disease information cards for a broad public

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Disease cards are available for the following diseases : Avian influenza, Anthrax, African swine fever, Brucellosis, Bluetongue, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, Bovine Tuberculosis, Classical Swine Fever, Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia, Diseases of bees, Echinococcosis, Equine Influenza, Foot and Mouth Disease , FMD Questions & Answers, Infectious Salmon Anemia, Myxomatosis, Newcastle Disease, Nipah Virus, Paratuberculosis, Peste des Petits Ruminants, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, Q fever, Rabies, Rift Valley Fever, Rinderpest, Trichinellosis and West Nile Fever download the cards here.


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