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“Training workshop on OIE standards for
collection and shipping of samples”

Kabete, Kenya
August 9 - 11, 2011


(all presentations are in English, except where mentioned otherwise)




Introduction to the structure of the OIE, Terrestrial Codes and Manuals

N. Mapitse

OIE Standards: Preservation, Packaging and Shipment
G. Thobokwe
Certification for export/import of specimens
G. Thobokwe
FAO Reference Centres and Technical Assistance Programs
J. Litamoi
G. Thobokwe



Veterinary Laboratories In Kenya

Dr. J. M. Macharia and Dr. D.M. Mwangangi

Sample Preparation, Submission, and Processing at CVL Kabete and International Reference Labs

Dr. D.M. Mwangangi

ITransport of Hazardous and Biological Samples
Dr. A. Okurut
Safe Handling, Packaging & Shipping of Infectious Substances
Transport, biosafety and disinfection






FMD Sampling, Packaging and Submission

T. Kenduiywo

Contagious Bovine Pleuro-pneumonia: Steps towards control of the disease
R. Matua
OIE Reference Centres : General Overview
N. Mapitse
OIE Laboratory Twinning
W. Masiga
Mandate and Activities of an OIE Reference Laboratory
G. Thobokwe


Group Photograph

Dr Simon D. Jumbo, LANAVET-Cameroon

"Group discussion

Dr Gaolathe Thobokwe from Botswana Vaccine Institute, OIE Reference laboratory for Foot and mouth disease making reference to the OIE Manual

Dr Anna Rose Ademun Okurut, IATA standards

Dr Jacob Maiju Korok, South Sudan

Dr Okurut and Mr Alex Gikandi answering questions on packaging of samples

picture (c) J. Lasley / OIE (2011)

The high table with from left to right Dr M. Chiruiyot - Department of Veterinary Services Kenya, N. Mapitse OIE IDENTIFY Focal Point, W. Masiga Sub Regional Representative for Eastern and Horn of Africa and W. Wangwe - Representative from Department of Veterinary Services, Kenya


pictures (c) N. Mapitse / OIE (2011)
unless mentioned otherwise.


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