March 2012 Accra hosts second major training for focal points on aquatic animal diseases

Group Photograph

Picture © Daniel Bourzat (oie) 2012


Accra, 22 March 2012 The OIE seminar for the Aquatic Animal National Focal Points was held in Accra on 20-22 March 2012. Funded under BTSF funds (EU-DG-SANCO). The Focal points of 38 countries attended the seminar (only 4 FP were enable to attend).

The training started with a field visit to a commercial aquatic farm (TROPO), which managed all the production line (from eggs to final Tilapia product). Production is currently reaching 4,000 tons of fish per year. The afternoon was devoted to the visit of the regional research center for Tilapia, which is providing support to the countries of the area (Mali, Benin, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire.)

The 2 remaining days were fully devoted to the following subjects:

• The Role of Aquatic Animal Health Programmes in Promoting Food Security in Africa,

• Aquatic animal biosecurity: challenges and solutions

• The Aquatic Animal Health Code – a trade facilitating standard, safe commodities

• White spot disease outbreak: experiences and lessons learnt

• Competent Authorities for Aquatic Animal Health Services: Veterinary or Fisheries

• Aquatic Animal Health Surveillance

• The need for collaboration/networking for aquatic animal disease information management

• New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) Activities in Aquaculture

• The importance of partnerships between private sector

• OIE- Listed diseases / Reporting obligations

• National Approaches to Aquatic Animal Health Emergencies and Response

• The Aquatic Manual/ Reference Labs / Collaborating Centres/ Twinning

• Epizootic ulcerative syndrome in Africa – current state

• Small fisheries in Africa

The team of highly qualified experts share her experience with the group on a very proactive manner. The departure of some participants was a bit delayed due to the closure of Bamako’s airport. At the end of the week everyone were able to reach home safely Download the presentations here