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SADC countries embark on a path towards progressive FMD control

Gaborone, 26 September 2012. Six SADC Member States met in Gaborone, Botswana over three days to develop their roadmap and action plans to progress towards FMD control and recognition of freedom in the SADC region.  Participating countries were Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Tanzania, Seychelles and Zimbabwe. The Chairpersons of the Epidemiology & Informatics (Swaziland) and the Veterinary Laboratories (Zimbabwe) Sub Committees were also present.

In his official opening statement Dr L. Modisa, DVS Botswana and OIE Delegate, stated that effective control of FMD within SADC is achievable and will improve livelihoods of people through safe trade.  Mr B. Hulman encouraged the Member Countries to increase intraregional trade by implementing OIE standards which are not geographically based and have a commodity approach. He informed the participants that SADC was considering to develop a regional FMD control strategy in line with the Global Strategy and FMD PCP and as a result the outcomes from this meeting were very important to guide this initiative.

Participants were introduced to the Global FMD Control Strategy, the FMD PCP and regional roadmap which was updated. Various tools were also distributed to provide guidance on development of the countries’ FMD Control Strategies. This workshop was a follow up of March 2011

Group Photo.
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Participants from 7 SADC Member States listening attentively to a presentation on the Progressive Control Pathway for FMD.

Reviewing and strengthening the Zimbabwe FMD Control Strategy document by Dr U. Ushewokonze-Obatolu (left) and Dr C. Njagu from Field Veterinary Services and Dr P. Makaya (right) of the Central Veterinary Laboratory and Chairman of the SADC Vet Labs sub-committee.

Malawi group work by (left-right) Dr J. Chulu from Central Veterinary Laboratory and Dr P.Njoka the epidemiologist.

Group discussion by team from Angola led by Dr (Mrs) B. Santana, Deputy Director of Veterinary Services and the National Epidemiologist, Dr N. Pinto


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