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Regional Seminar on the OIE Laboratory Twinning Programme:
Concepts and Perspectives.

Johannesburg, South Africa
October 09 - 10, 2012


(all presentations are in English, except where mentioned otherwise)




Objectives and Expected Outcomes (164KB)


N. Mapitse
Mandate of OIE Reference Centres (881KB)


N. Mapitse
Laboratory proficiency testing for Rabies: an example of diagnostic support to national veterinary laboratories (1.8MB)


C. Sabeta

The OIE Laboratory Twinning Programme: Concept to functioning program (3.2MB)


G. Pavade

2011 OIE Twinning Feedback Workshop: Outlining the recommendations (332KB)


G. Pavade

Capacity Building: Identifying Needs and Weighing Priorities (770KB)



Avian Influenza/Newcastle Disease: Mainstreaming Capacity Building Needs and Support Offered Outside the Scope of Twinning (98KB)


T. Moagabo

Benefits for candidate laboratories and future coutlook: African Horse Sickness/Bluetongue Twinning Experience Lab (3.6MB)


B. Harif

OIE Twinning Project Parent Laboratory Benefits: Istituto Caporale Teramo experience (6.1MB)


M. Scacchia

Laboratory Capacity Building with multiple focus: lessons from the twinning projects (OIE funded) between the National Animal Disease Diagnostics and Epidemiology Centre (Uganda) and the Institute for Animal Health (UK) (3.1MB)


C. Ayebazibwe

Twinning project focusing on several diseases - challenges and lessons learnt (1.5MB)


E. Tuppurainen

OIE Twinning Projects: Learning from the past (4.6MB)


A. Pini

DAY 2  
CBPP Twinning with objective to achieving OIE Reference Centre Status post Twinning activities (1.9MB)


C. Marobela

Rabies - Communication in practice, investments and regional outlook (930KB)


C. Nwosuh

Perspectives on Twinning on Veterinary Products (2MB)


T. Agbo
Perspectives of South-South Collaboration: Twinning experiences and future outlook (4.5MB)



Group discussion.
Photo C. Nwosuh (NVRI) 2012



Group Discussions (L-R) E. Ibrahim, A. Pini and E. Tuppurainen.
N.Mapitse (oie) 2012

Dr Rose Ademun-Okurut of NADDEC Uganda responding to questions.
Photo C. Nwosuh (NVRI) 2012
















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