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The quality of veterinary education and strengthened Veterinary Statutory Bodies are major pillars of good governance and quality of Veterinary Services worldwide

Foz do Iguaço , 6 December 2013. The 3rd Global Conference on Veterinary Education and the Role of the Veterinary Statutory Body saw the convergence of the Deans of the Veterinary Education Establishments, Presidents or Registrars of the Veterinary Statutory Bodies and the OIE Delegates of their respective countries.

Conference participants. In front (right) : Dr. Ibrahim Bangana, OIE Delegate for Niger.

The Africa Region was well represented at the conference which discussed status and future outlook of veterinary education and the important role played by the Veterinary Statutory Bodies. Stressing this point, Dr Bernard Vallat said that “This Conference is a new step forward that focuses on highlighting the essential role of VSBs in regard to veterinary registration and accreditations of VEEs, at regional, national, and global level. It aims at creating synergic links between Veterinary Education and Veterinary practice amongst OIE Member Countries”.


Left : Dr Nicholas Kauta, the OIE Delegate of Uganda      Right : Professor Louis J. Pangui.
Director of the Ecole Inter-Etats des Sciences et Médecine Vétérinaires. Dakar Senegal.

The conference agreed that veterinary education needs to adapt to the societal demands , global changes, avoiding information overload to students and that the VSBs should always be at the heart of this development at national, regional and global levels.

The meeting discussed various tools of the OIE being the Day 1 Competencies of graduating veterinarians to ensure National Veterinary Services of quality, the Veterinary Education Core Curriculum, the Veterinary Education Twinning Projects between partners from developed and developing countries and the Veterinary Statutory Bodies Twinning Projects. Also discussed were Twinning Projects to tackle the harmonisation and the improvement of Veterinary Education and Veterinary profession organisation.

Dr. Oumar Tounkara, President of the Mali Veterinary Council.

Opportunities were also floated to the regional and global regulatory bodies and donors to share their experiences and options available to the Members Countries Read the full OIE press release here…


Download the draft recommendations


Download the dfaft annex to the recommendations


Download the OIE guide to twinning of
veterinary statutory bodies (2014)


Download the OIE guide to twinning of
veterinary educational establishments (2013)


Download the OIE guidelines on the veterinary core curriculum (2013)


Download the OIE guidelines on day-one competencies of graduating veterinarians (2012)




Dr Honoré N`Lemba Mabela, OIE Delegate of the Democratic Republic of Congo

From left to right: Dr Yacouba Samaké, OIE Regional Representative for Africa and Prof. Philemon Wambura Dean, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania.

Conference participants. In front (left) : Prof. Aaron Mweene, Dean of the Scool of veterinary Medicine at the University of Zambia (UNZA) in Lusaka.

Conference participants

Left : Dr Lemrabott Nemine, OIE Delegate for Mauritania Right : Dr. Ba Mouhamadou Mamoudou, Registrar of the Veterinary Council of Mauritania.

Dr. Patrick Bastiaensen, Programme Officer, OIE Sub-Regional Representation for Eastern Africa, Nairobi.

Conference participants

From left to right Dr N. Kauta (OIE Delegate Uganda (brown shirt)) and Dr J. Mubanga OIE Delegate Zambia (white shirt).

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