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The OIE Regional Commission for Africa


Whereas Regional Representations may be considered as the decentralised executive bodies of the OIE, the Regional Commissions are constituted by the national OIE Delegates and are entrusted with policy development at regional (continental) level.

The Regional Commission for Africa forms part of the five Regional Commissions created by the OIE to address the specific problems of the Veterinary Services and to organise the co-operation at regional level.

The Regional Commission’s bureau is constituted of a President, two Vice-presidents and a Secretary-general. It is renewed every 3 years. Set up in 2001, renewed in 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015, the current bureau was elected in May 2018. It consists of the following persons :

Delegate DRC
Congo (Democratic Republic of)

Honoré N'Lemba Mabela


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Delegate Tunisia

Dr Malek Zrelli


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Delegate Botswana

Dr Lethlogile Modisa


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Delegate Senegal

Dr Mbargou Lô

Secretary General

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