Project Activities

The findings of evaluations undertaken as part of the OIE’s Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS) Pathway, developed in alignment with OIE’s international standards, will inform activities in the target countries and help ensure that they contribute to achieving the project’s objectives. Pursuing constructive collaborations with local partners and other stakeholders in each target country, the project is leveraging existing One Health mechanisms as well as encouraging the formation of new ones where they do not yet exist.

The project partners work to ensure that their collection of samples aligns with established national and international norms for humans and animals. Scientific information about both human and animal samples collected over the course of the project is being collected in a metadatabase that will inform the development and/or revision of surveillance protocols for EVD and other zoonotic diseases in the target countries.

Delivering trainings on sample collection, laboratory diagnostics, epidemiology, risk assessment, surveillance and communication informed by a One Health approach, the project partners are also organising educational seminars on zoonotic diseases targeting schools, local markets, community leaders, religious groups and public sector animal and human health personnel.

EBO-SURSY Objectives and Activities

Multi-sector, One Health coordination is complex. Within the context of this project, the successes and challenges of collaboration between the animal, human and environmental health sectors as well as national governments and implementing organisations are being shared in order to improve educational and zoonotic disease surveillance efforts. Existing communication tools and methodologies are being used for training and awareness raising activities, with additional communication materials being developed as needed to facilitate project implementation.

Communication on zoonoses at community level aims to increase awareness of animal-to-human disease transmission and counter misinformation about potential threats as well as disseminate the scientific findings of field investigations within local communities – all with the goal of empowering communities to become active participants in the surveillance of zoonotic diseases and strengthen health outcomes for all.


The entire project is set within the framework of sustainable results. In particular, EBO-SURSY aims to facilitate information sharing of scientific data, including directly disseminating the information to affected populations, as well as technical training of professionals from the human, animal and environmental health sector to sustainably reinforce their capacity, allowing them to continue the activities after the end of the project.